Product Review: Choctal Ice Cream

© Amy Barnard Photography

© Amy Barnard Photography

Recently I was introduced to the amazing, single-origin ice-cream created by Choctal.  The company's mission is "to make the highest-quality product with the most delicious, single-origin chocolate and vanilla flavor profiles the world has to offer."  They travelled to the different rain forests of the world to find eight, distinctly different types of beans to launch their flavors, four vanilla, and four chocolate.  

I had the fortune of being invited to a tasting event to sample all of the flavors, and I can say with confidence, that they are some of the best ice creams I've ever tasted.  You might wonder, "how can chocolate and vanilla taste that different from each other?"  Well, it's a bit like wine tasting.  The chocolate or vanilla beans pick up subtle nuances of flavor from the environment in which they're grown, giving the final products their own unique undercurrents of flavor. 

The Costa Rican chocolate has hints of coffee, caramel, and butterscotch.  The Ghana chocolate is more of a milk chocolate, with a touch of rich, fudge flavor.  When it comes to vanilla, the Madagascar is intensely creamy, speckled with vanilla seeds, and has a trace of a bourbon-like flavor to it.  And the Mexican Vanilla is subtly infused with cinnamon.

I would recommend tasting them for yourself, but don't blame me if you find out you have a new addiction.