Interview with architectural photographer Russ McConnell

I was very happy to have the opportunity to talk with architectural photographer Russ McConnell and ask him some questions regarding the industry.  His commitment to excellence from pre through post production ensures that his images are some of the best in the industry.  As a photographer aspiring to the same types of jobs, I was grateful to get some insight into this field of photography.

1. What was your first significant job and how did you get it?

It was to shoot a feature story in SB Magazine.It came through a connection with the SB Magazine photo editor who was a Brooks Grad.Itwas the first tungsten architecture shoot I ever did so I hired an assistant that was experienced with it and asked him to not let the catout of the bag while shooting (I had to look in control).
2. What did you learn from that job that improved the way you work?
It effectively taught me how to shoot tungsten by throwing me right into the mix in a rather sink or swim way.More importantly it taught me to never say no...that there is a way to get it done if you use the contacts we all have properly.
3. What was a snag you encountered on a job and how did you trouble-shoot it?
There have been many since architectural shooting is always different but once on a job I had not had time to scout that required a lot of lighting the power was maxed and only one light could be plugged in or the circuit breakers would trip.It forced me to try for the first time to use just one light and 23 different exposures with the light aimed at various parts.This was the beginning to how I now light everything.
4. What is one thing you would advise someone starting out in the business?
To focus your marketing...research and come up with a short list of who you really want to work with and spend the time on them....don't spread yourself too thing since hard to follow up on a mailing list of 1000!
5. Do you have a dream job you would like to do, or have you already done it?
I'm working on a lead for a major project in Bali that is a green sustainable living resort.
© Russ McConnell

© Russ McConnell

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