Kay Gautraud from Chiat: What Keeps Her Inspired. It’s Not the Obvious.

An amazing interview with Kay Gautraud. Her passion and knowledge about the advertising industry, and her outlook on life, is wonderfully inspiring.


Originally posted on Notes From A Rep's Journal:

Back in February, I visited Los Angeles with Kate Chase where we hosted group portfolio shows.  Along the way, we saw old friends, met new people in the industry and hosted a very fun party where everyone got caught up and looked for ways to do this more often.  Right in the middle of it all was Art Producer extraordinaire,  Kay Gautraud.  For those of you who do not know her, she is an amazing producer at TBWA Chiat Day in Lost Angeles.  She is smart, funny and easy to be around.  She knows her stuff and has great opinions on the future of our industry.  As we solved all the world’s problems at the party, I realized she would be a fantastic addition to our Art Producer Series of blog posts that celebrate the producer for who they are and where they came from on the… (continue reading by clicking link to: Notes from A Rep's Journal above)