My First Post

© Amy Barnard Photography

© Amy Barnard Photography

With the significant presence of social media in our lives today, I have realized how crucial it is that I become a more committed participant in the conversations that are going on in our world.  But more importantly, if I am going to speak, I want to say something that doesn’t just inform, but inspires as well.  Now that doesn’t have to mean some long-winded view of life and its lessons, it could just be about a great piece of art.   When I read, watch, or listen to something that inspires me it immediately changes my outlook and emotional well being for the better.  And when I feel that way, it makes me want to share that feeling with others, which leads me to why I’m here today.

Prior to this first blog, I wrongly assumed that I had nothing to say that hadn’t been said already.  Therefore I’ve said very little.  I came to recognize, however, that each person holds a perspective that is unique and distinct.  Through my own personal history, and view of the world, I will describe something in a way that no one else can.  That must have some intrinsic value.  So upon further reflection I am now ready to join the world of bloggers, and challenge myself to think more deeply about the topics that I am interested in, and contribute to the discussions regarding them.

I guess that today’s post is about bravely joining the ever-growing fabric of our global discussion.  I am glad to be here, and would like to share something I saw today that inspired me, a discussion with Jonathan Harris about social media and its effect on human beings.  It is both thought provoking and fascinating.  And lastly, I’d like to share a link to Renaud’s Patisserie in Santa Barbara, they make the yummiest French macarons.  The photo I took (shown above) is of an assortment of three flavors that they offer: raspberry, pistachio, and black currant.

So, welcome to my blog.  I hope it becomes a place that has something useful to say, and puts a smile on your face.